RLV College offers postgraduate and undergraduate programmes of 13 different core subjects under Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts. Each programme apart from fine arts, which includes Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture, are semester based whereas fine arts follows a yearly pattern. For fine arts, the UG programme is a 4 year duration course; the first year being a foundation/ integrated course. PG programme is of 2 years.The undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of every other department have a duration of 3 and 2 years respectively. Aptitude tests and interviews are the main criteria for the admission of a student to any undergraduate programme, for those who have passed the +2 exams with minimum qualifying marks as prescribed by the University. Within this academic journey, the assistance of external services for the completion of the bachelor thesis, often explored under the concept of ghostwriter bachelorarbeit, becomes a valuable resource for students seeking professional help to ensure the quality and timely submission of their work. This option provides a solution for those who may need additional support in research, writing, or editing their final thesis.