Vocal Music

Courses offered

  • BA Degree in Vocal
  • MA Degree in Vocal


Course design, Objectives, What to expect

B.A Vocal Degree

Aim of the Programme: To impart the basics of Classical Carnatic music and to introduce to every aspect of singing and performing.

Eligibility for Admissions: Plus two

Criteria: Should pass an aptitude test

The practical oriented U G Programme in Vocal is a 3-year programme divided into 6 semesters. Each semester includes:

  1. Common courses
  2. Core courses
  3. Complimentary courses
  4. Elective courses &
  5. Project.

The first Semester begins with the basics of Carnatic music where the students are trained to understand and render the swarasthanas with its Akara.

Complimentary course is an introduction to an instrument of their choice – Veena/Violin/Mridangam which helps the students to improve the basics of Music simultaneously.

The course becomes advanced with each semester.

In the final Semester, students are taught the various aspects related to a concert and are trained to perform on stage.


M.A Vocal Degree

Aim of the Programme: To enhance with a deeper knowledge of music and performing concerts and teaching.

Eligibility for Admissions: BA Music (50%)

The practical oriented PG Programme in Vocal is a 2-year programme divided into 4 semesters.

The program’s coursework aims to provide the students with a solid conceptual framework and a theoretical foundation on music.

It develops the knowledge and skills through learning various concepts and values of music

It equips the students to confidently engage in the practice of concerts, group practice, research, and direction.

There are a number of promising career opportunities open for these graduates in the music field like teaching, doing concerts, sound engineering, media and film industries.



Considering the Covid 19 pandemic situation seminars, workshops and other events were suspended for the time being.


Faculty Details

Sl No. Post Name Qualification Mail Id
1. Lecturer & HOD Dr. Sangita Tresa Samson Mphil, PhD vocalhodrlv@gmail.com
2. Lecturer Baby P MA, Mphil
3. Lecturer Dr. Asha Sukumaran Mphil, PhD ashajp2009@gmail.com
4. Lecturer Sithara V MA, Mphil sithara.vaikundan@gmail.com
5. Lecturer Dr. Resmi R Chandran MA, PhD resmiarun78@gmail.com
6. Lecturer Dr. Divya A Mphil, PhD divyapraveen35@gmail.com



1. Arun v Kumar MA, bed net arunvdharan@gmail.com


Guest Lecturer

1. Vedarashmi K J MA, Mphil vedarashmi@gmail.com





Students Details

Degree No. of Students Total Seat
1st year BA Degree 46 50
2nd year BA Degree 44 50
3rd year BA Degree 44 50
1st year MA 12 12
2nd year MA 11 12