Department of Chenda

Department of Chenda and Kadhakali Vesham were established in the year 1974. The department head was Sri. Kalamandalam Kesaapoduval followed by Sri Kalamandalam Raman Namboothiri. Courses for B.A chenda and M.A Chenda are offered.


Qualification of teachers Name Post Qualification
1. Vinod Kumar V.V Guest Lecturer Post Diploma In Kadhakali Chenda 8289833655
2. Harish P Guest Lecturer M.A Chenda 9497315752
3. Vijayakrishnan M Guest Lecturer B.A Cheda 9288085354


Number of seats allotted

B.A Chenda – 10 Seats (3years)

M.A Chenda – 5 Seats (2 years)


Qualification for admission

B.A Degree in Chenda- Candidate should pass +2 and should have basic aptitude in Chenda.Students who apply with basic knowledge on the instrument shall be asked any basic lessons.

M.A Chenda – Basic degree in Chenda and the marks acquired for B.A Admission will be based on an interview with aptitude test.


 Number of students

BA I yr – 8                                                      MA II yr- 2

BA II yr – 10

BA III yr – 6

MA I yr – 1