Life has become increasingly complex and fast-paced. Families have become micro to nano and our young generation is becoming more and more isolated as time goes by. Due to the rapid development in the area of science and technology the education system also is growing complex day by day. The transition from the early system at the school level to the semester system at higher education has contributed more stress to the student’s mindset. They lack a sense of direction and they are being distracted from their primary goal of achieving excellence and acquiring life skills to lead a life as a responsible citizen. The college education department had made the right move in addressing this situation by setting up Jeevani- Centre of student well-being across all government colleges in the state to help the students transform life challenges into opportunities and optimize personal growth so that in due course of time our generation-next will become equipped to live an effective life themselves and contribute their best for the progress of the society.


During this exciting college journey, Jeevani intends to improve awareness and promotion of mental health among our college students. Along with ensuring early identification of psychological issues among students. Addressing age-appropriate psychological and social factors are essential in building young people’s lives. It is vital to focus on helping young people to develop the skills necessary for managing their conditions. Attending to the issues of students is of great importance, as it is the period that paves the way to the successful lives of the students.The Jeevani counselor will be with the students in their journey in college, sharing their joys and sorrows, helping them with their pains. Such psychosocial help would definitely prove to be of immense benefit to the students. Managing students’ stress through effective relaxation techniques and other positive psychological intervention strategies for mental health promotion are also dealt with, giving special emphasis to mindfulness. Practicing emotional regulation skills to effectively manage and respond to emotional experiences is also discussed along with tips to the students to be self-regulated in this fast, virtual world. Effective ways of learning and exam writing are also discussed.

Andriya Varghese
Consultant Psychologist